Isocore is the latest advancement in quality hydrolyzed whey protein Isolate. Core Fundamental created this new generation of hydrolyzed whey protein to enhance their line of standard whey protein products by delivering smaller peptides for ease of digestion and absorption.*

In order to have a rich amino acid foundation essential for lean muscle growth CF uses BIOZATE 3 as one of our main ingredients. BIOZATE 3 is the purest form of hydrolyzed whey protein that currently exists.*

Core Formulations set out to exceed this standard by using the first of a new generation of dairy ingredients, which combine superior nutrition, enhanced functionality, and amazing delicious flavor.*

A patented USA made product that has the highest amount of amino acids and BCAA’s of any whey protein product on the planet providing 96 – 97 g of protein / 100g of powder with only “true” intact proteins that have less than 5% non-protein nitrogen (NPN).* Other hydrolyzed whey protein Isolates provide only 89 – 90 g of protein per 100g of powder that may have up to 20% NPN components.*

That is why CF uses only the purest highest quality whey protein isolate available.*

Supplement Facts


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