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MetCon™ is specifically made for crossfit, triathlon, MMA, bootcamp, interval weightlifting, cardio, running, biking, swimming and team sport athletes. Basically anything that requires consistent muscle endurance.

START is the pre workout I called “Pre-Training”
250mg of natural caffeine
Full multi vitamin profile
Almost 3 grams of electrolytes
Natural Extracts, Minerals and Aminos for Lactic acid buffering and increase muscle endurance , with no creatine
And it tastes amazing!

MetCon Start will allow your to push your training limits further than you could imagine.*
You do a number of things before training.. Add one more!

You can buy MetCon™ at any of my Las Vegas and Palmdale Total Nutrition Stores @totalnutritionlv @totalnutritionpalmdale Or at

Paleo friendly, glutenfree, All natural, sweetened with stevia, and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

Supplement Facts


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